Can’t say we’d ever been to the Jersey shore before, but can say we likely won’t visit again. Because of very skinny (shallow) water and a highly zig-zaggedy NJ ICW route, we decided to go “outside” – in the big Atlantic- from Cape May at the south end of the state to Sandy Hook at the north end. Once again we had 3 good weather/wind days and stayed within 1-3 miles of shore, usually in 50 ft of water or less.  It wasn’t fun, but we got ‘er done, as they say.  All we saw was mile after mile of beaches filled with people and  development of all kinds until we headed up the Sandy Hook peninsula. Even the FL coast seemed to have more natural features!

We were graciously accepted as guests at the Great Kills Yacht Club on Staten Island for several nights. Fun people at the Yacht Club  and fun area to explore and spend some time walking and sampling different ethnic eateries.

Best gyro of my life ( with fresh chopped parsley, lettuce tomato and onion)  at Andrew’s Diner
S.I. sunset over the Yacht Club

Next up was our cruise through NY Harbor to wave to Lady Liberty and see the Manhattan skyline from our boat. Even on a Sunday morning at 9-10am we were dodging ferries, and skirting tugs, barges and other recreational boats to get up close. But it was a sight and experience we’ll savor for awhile!

Within 30 minutes of leaving Manhatten behind, the scenery changed to forested bluffs, rugged cliffs and steep hillsides. The Hudson River Valley opened up into a spectacular venue.  Over several days we passed the Pallisades, Roosevelt and Rockefeller estates, Sleepy Hollow, West Point Military Academy, the Culinary Institute of America, Bannerman’s Castle, and many wonderful lighthouses from the 1800s.

Pallisades of NJ just north of the George Washington Bridge
West Point Military Academy
Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park NY
Rondout Light at Kingston NY

On one of our last stops on the Hudson we stayed at the Albany Yacht Club and ubered downtown to the Empire State Plaza, a beautiful complex of Italian marble, fountains and public art that encompasses several museums, state office buildings, a performing arts center and the NY state capitol building, which is a National Historic Landmark. It was fun and we checked another state capitol off our life list.

NY State Capitol, a Nat’l Historic Landmark
Four state office buildings lining one side of the Plaza (quite a difference from GEF 1 and 2 in Madison WI!)
The “Egg,” a performing arts center on the Plaza

The town of Waterford and the Eastern portion of the Erie Canal is next. Looking forward to all the interesting small towns!